Advice & Information             Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service (TMHAS)
                                                             Provider of advocacy services for people affected by mental health.  Run by
                                                             qualified Mental Health workers who deliver quality services both in the community 
                                                             and hospitals.
                                                                                    Voluntary & Community Action Trafford (VCAT)
                                                              Helps voluntary and community groups and local charities in their development, 
                                                              providing information and training, fundraising support, financial advice,
                                                              personnel and employment advice,  constitutions and governance, Charity and Company
                                                               formation and the co-ordination of the local voluntary sector.
                                                             Trafford Citizens Advice. Provides advice and information to people who live or
                                                                work in the borough of Trafford. The service is free, confidential and impartial.
                                      Welfare and benefits advice, help with debts, job advice, employment etc.               DLA, incapacity benefit, employment and support allowance advice etc.       Supports carers, provides advice and information, advocacy service, counselling,
                                                              funding for carers etc.                           An independent network of local people, groups and organisations that helps 
                                                               provide better health and social care in Trafford.

Health                              Mental Health and Social Care Services  to people living in the Bolton, Salford and 
                                                           Trafford areas.Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment based in Sale, provides a 
                                                           high level of support and treatment  to people experiencing acute mental health 
                                                           problems as an alternative to hospital admission.                         Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust
                                                             Health services                                      NHS services

Self Help                Provides one-to-one therapy computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT),
                                                            self help groups and courses to people suffering from Mental ill health and social 
                                                            exclusion.     A database of organisations, groups and services that can support your wellbeing.                          African and Carribean Mental Health Services.
                                                          A voluntary service providing free confidential mental health service to African and 
                                                         Caribbean people, for their carers and families.

Activity Groups                  A community based voluntary project offering a variety of learning opportunities 
                                                               and activities for the Old Trafford Community.           Offers a wide range of activities for Asian Women and children.                         A not- for-profit social enterprise. Provides opportunities for people who may be 
                                                           experiencing emotional or psychological distress.  Promotes well-being through        
                                                            social engagment and creativeness. Activities include: relaxation, art, dance and 

Housing    Provides housing support to tenants. Rent, repairs, anti-social behaviour, gardening,
                                                        older people services, handyman services and home adaptations