Our Mission Statement

new way forward is committed to help alleviate some of the difficulties which individuals with mental-health problems often experience.

As an organisation, we promote positive mental health, whilst being aware of mental illness. We respect and recognise individual experiences and feelings and promote the many skills of the people with whom we work.

All new way forward services are user-demand or user-led, and we continually modify and monitor our services to preserve our person-centred aims and to promote recovery and a better quality of life.

By cutting down on bureaucracy, we maximise our working capacity and this allows us to experience collective ways of working despite different peoples' roles within our team.

We don't profess to be experts in mental illness or experts in anything but we recognise that many of the difficulties people face are rooted in society rather than individuals.

We promote the mutual support of volunteers, workers, and service users, in order to collectively create a sense of community.