Self Help

                           Healthy diet                                                                                            Fitness

            Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol.                                                           As part of your weekly routing try
             Have a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables,                                            doing some regular exercise.
             fish, less sugar and saturated fats found in                                         Involve family or friends and get
             cakes, biscuits.   Try more wholewheat foods                                     connecting. Try walking, cycling
             Fluid intake should be 1.5 litres per day.                                              running, gardening or a local fitness class.

                         Communication                                                                                   Learning
          Time with others: make time to keep                                         Sign up for a local community course or activity group       
           in touch with friends and family and                                          and learn a new skill. 
          build a stronger relationship.  Share feelings                           e.g. Trafford College, Trafford MBC -
          and ideas.                                                                                        (lists of groups in the local area)