The volunteer program is crucial to the success of the New Way Forward, as volunteers bring experiences and insights to group sessions. Volunteers can help by listening to others and making them feel welcome. Over 70% of the volunteers and workers have at some time been treated in the mental health system.
In other words volunteering can mean giving back to the community.

New Way Forward needs volunteers to help run mental-health Drop-Ins in Trafford. Volunteer duties include light housekeeping (making tea and coffee), talking to visitors, help stimulate discussions, maintaining a friendly environment and keeping an attendance roster. The minimum time commitment is per week two hours.

            Make an appointment to visit our premises and discuss the work we’re doing in Trafford. We’ll arrange for you to attend a  
            group session
and shadow another volunteer. You’ll get a handbook and you can begin shortly after.


  Hobbies/Skills         Do you have a hobby or a skill you could teach to a small group?


Whilst formal qualifications are not needed training programmes are available to help support users.

Volunteer Training in Mental Health Level 1 

Volunteer Training in Mental Health Level 2

Other courses include: Stigma and Discrimination

                                              Living with Voices